Cypress Creek Wellfield Ecological Monitoring

RS&H has performed ecological monitoring at the Cypress Creek Wellfield (CCWF) dating back to 1986, including a contract for Water Years 1999 to 2013.

The general purpose of the program is to monitor the ecological health of the CCWF ecosystems in relation to potential environmental perturbations that may occur either naturally or through human influence. This is accomplished through examining and analyzing regional weather patterns, wetland water levels, and water production, as well as qualitatively monitoring plant and animal communities.

RS&H conducts annual assessments of ecological monitoring stations within the 60-square-mile study area distributed within and outside the CCWF. We conduct both qualitative vegetation monitoring and semiannual hydrological analysis, including the Wetland Assessment Procedure developed for the Environmental Management Plan. We then use standard statistical methods, including Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) and standard normal deviates, to analyze the hydrological data.


Project Information

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