Terremark Network Access Point Facility

RS&H designed the Network Access Point (NAP) del Caribe project as a prototype solution for Terremark at the Cyber Park of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. The facility was designed to house a centralized platform offering world-class carrier-neutral connectivity for Internet service providers, communication companies, enterprise customers, research networks, and government entities.

The 82,275-square-foot NAP facility sits on a 6.5-acre site and contains a 41,000-square-foot raised floor data hall surrounded by an equipment gallery. The design followed Tier IV Data Center parameters as defined by the Uptime Institute with power and cooling solutions to support the hall. The prototype also incorporated multiple levels of security and hardened resistance to natural disasters and physical forces, such as building shell components designed to withstand 200-mph winds and ballistic threats, blast-resistant protection incorporated into the loading dock area, and an underground cistern to serve as a back-up for municipal domestic and fire protection utilities.  

The facility also included a “visitor’s tour” pathway featuring elevated walkways, electric privacy glass, and specialty lighting to provide the public with secure views of the colocation floor, data storage, network operations center, and other building features.

Project Information

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic