Air Cargo Facility at Rickenbacker International Airport

The Columbus Regional Airport Authority (CRAA) retained RS&H to provide on-call architectural and buildings engineering services for Port Columbus and Rickenbacker International Airports. Under this assignment, RS&H was tasked with a project programming and design-build criteria package, which included the 30% building design for an air cargo facility. Final building design, permitting, and construction were bid together as a design-bid package.

The Rickenbacker International Airport Air Cargo Terminal No. 4 project included construction of a new 48,000-square-foot cargo facility and a new two-lane bituminous access road from George Page Jr. Road to the new 12,000-square-yard bituminous landside parking area, with access to the 2,200-square-yard concrete ground service equipment ramp.

The CRAA contracted RS&H for design and construction administration services for the project. RS&H completed schematic design of the building and full construction documents for the site and utility work. CRAA bid the project under one contract with the building being lump sum as a design-build. RS&H supported the CRAA during final design and construction to provide oversight so that the design-builder conformed with the contract documents.

Project Information

Columbus, Ohio

Columbus Regional Airport Authority

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