With growing infrastructure demands, shrinking resources, and the need for innovation, many owners are using the design-build project delivery method to achieve the best value for the company’s investment. Our multidiscipline teams of architects and engineers successfully deliver integrated design services for builders through open communication and collaboration, demonstrated by the more than 150 design-build projects in our company portfolio representing $2.5 billion in construction value.

Our designers maintain communication, flexibility, and agility throughout the design-build process. We work in partnership with the design-build team to identify and manage project risks, vet design concepts and alternatives, achieve efficiencies with advanced technology, and provide high-quality, sustainable designs – all on an accelerated schedule. Our services include:

  • Integrated concept development and design alternatives analysis
  • Design management and integrated final design development
  • Risk management focused on avoidance, mitigation, and/or allocation
  • Construction management, engineering, and inspection
  • Virtual design and construction


Chad H. Critcher


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