Sound & Vibration Monitoring

Construction activities have the potential to disrupt local residents and businesses, but RS&H strives to monitor disruption and minimize claims throughout construction. We provides vibration and sound monitoring services using state-of-the-art equipment and software manufactured by Instantel. This specialized equipment allows our team to analyze work-site vibration and noise to determine its reach, volume, and level of possible disruption.
This technology can be used during construction to monitor historic infrastructure, adjacent business, affluent residential neighborhoods, or environmentally sensitive areas or species. Sound and vibration monitoring not only provides the data to defend against potential claims and protects existing property and infrastructure, but also protects new infrastructure during high vibratory work operations, such as monitoring vibrations of fresh concrete during pile driving operations. Often used as an added service on our construction engineering and inspection contracts, our sound and vibration monitoring services save our clients valuable time and money.


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Transportation Construction Management

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