In-Service Bridge Inspection

By providing in-service bridge inspection services, RS&H assists infrastructure owners in identifying and monitoring structural deficiencies. With a specialization in aging infrastructure, we provides clients full-service infrastructure maintenance services from identification of structural deficiencies, assessing damage, regularly monitoring structures, performing load ratings, providing re-design or rehabilitation planning, and monitoring reconstruction. Our approach is to recommend repair to extend the infrastructure’s useful life, full replacement, or continue monitoring to maximize our clients’ investments in the interest of public safety.

Our specialists stay ahead of the curve through ongoing training and participation with organizations, such as the National Highway Institute (NHI), Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), and various national agencies. These affiliations help our team understand the dynamics of safety inspections on concrete, steel, and timber bridges, whether during regular maintenance of aging infrastructure or after damage sustained by natural or unplanned emergencies. Whether assessing fracture critical bridges after ship impacts or performing biannual inspections of infrastructure, we can provide in-service bridge inspection for clients across the nation.


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Transportation Construction Management

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