Ground-Penetrating Radar

One of the specialized inspection and testing services RS&H offers is Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), a technology that offers an expedited means of confirming the location of objects underground. It gives us the ability to determine potential obstacles or delays before they happen.

The GPR system uses radar and antennas to transmit a frequency into the ground. The radar signal returning to the receptor antenna provides a graphic illustration of underground objects and their approximate depth. With the GPR system, our team can efficiently identify underground utilities, soil boring sites, pipes, water, or other hidden objects, without the need to physically disrupt the ground.

This technology is often used when additional information is needed for the ground below water, ice, soil, rock, and even concrete. It saves time and money for the client, but also verifies plan specifications and ensures that interference with local utilities is avoided. RS&H stays up-to-date on technologies and capabilities like this and others through specialized training and certification programs, as well as ongoing training and involvement in industry organizations, such as the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO).


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