Cross-Hole Sonic Logging

Ensuring the highest quality bridge infrastructure means ensuring they’re built on the highest quality foundation. Often times, this work can become costly when not inspected and tested properly. When drilled shafts or auger cast piling is the foundation for a project, it’s important to verify what was built beneath the ground or in the water to ensure it was built according to plans and specifications.

One method RS&H uses to verify this information during construction is through Cross-Hole Sonic Logging (CSL) Testing and Analyses. This test verifies shaft integrity to ensure concrete uniformity, minimization of voids, and no cave-ins occurred during excavation or concrete operations. CSL tests are performed using the most recent equipment and analysis software manufactured by PDI, Inc. RS&H carries our cross-hole analysis data into production of tomography, including a color-coded 3D model of the drilled shaft’s integrity.

RS&H also uses CSL at the completion of concrete operations to ensure standards and specifications are met throughout every stage of drilled shaft construction. This technology can be used on drilled shafts of various sizes and is often combined with other technologies, such as Mini-Shaft Inspection Device (Mini-SID) and Osterberg Cell (O-Cell) Testing, to maximize our clients’ investment in drilled shaft and auger cast pile foundations.


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