Heckscher Drive Reconstruction

RS&H provided construction engineering and inspection (CEI) services for the reconstruction of Heckscher Drive in Jacksonville, Florida. The project included converting a two-lane rural road into a four-lane divided road, installation of all new drainage, construction of detention ponds, installation of conventional lighting, upgrading of an existing signal to mast arms, raising the profile grade three feet, subsoil excavation, installation of new project signs, and installation of landscaping throughout the project.

Phase II of the project included demolition of two existing bridges over the Broward River and Dunn Creek and the new construction of four bridges, each spanning approximately 1,200 feet.

Key aspects of the project included maintenance of traffic phasing and erosion control plan implementation. The contractor and RS&H worked together to coordinate lane closures and working hours with the port and the cruise loading dock. During construction, four separate phases were used requiring four separate detours to be constructed. Business access was also maintained. Erosion control requirements were established from the start of the project to ensure compliance with St. Johns River Water Management policy of zero tolerance for off-site discharge.

Services included:

  • Construction management and payment quantification
  • Inspection of drilled shafts for signalization work
  • Inspection of earthwork, asphalt, and concrete items for roadway construction
  • Inspection of drainage improvements and retention pond construction
  • Inspection of signals and conventional lighting
  • Inspection of utility installation and relocation
  • Inspection of erosion control plan and procedures
  • Inspection of maintenance of traffic plan and implementation


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