Claims Analysis

Guided by our proactive approach of claims avoidance, such as constructability reviews and mitigation services, RS&H is committed to issue resolution at the earliest stage possible. Unfortunately, claims will occasionally occur. In these instances, our experts offer claims analysis and mitigation services to help both state and local clients resolve issues efficiently, saving them time and money associated with lengthy disputes.

If mitigation and claim negotiations are unsuccessful, we can assist in multiple capacities. Through our experience in claims analysis and expert witness testimony, we’ve provided precise documentation and analysis in court on our clients’ behalf, successfully helping them to receive favorable rulings. We can also provide comprehensive assistance with preparation for Dispute Review Boards (DRBs) and are trained on Best Practices for Working with DRBs, offered by the DRB Foundation. Our staff has participated in numerous DRB hearings, assisted with the preparation of Position Papers and Rebuttal of Contractor Position Papers, and supported our clients during hearings, taking the lead in presentations to the DRB.


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Transportation Construction Management

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