Armed Forces Reserve Center and OMS Facility

RS&H provided Fundamental Commissioning services for new Armed Forces Reserve Center and OMS Facility to be used by the US Army Reserve and National Guard.

The Training Building is a single story structure of approximately 40,000 square feet of general office, classroom, exercise, storage, and general purpose areas to be used jointly by Army Reserve and National Guard. The facility is designed to educate and train nearly 600 military personnel at any one time. The Organization and Vehicular Maintenance Shop is a single-story structure of 9,000 square feet. The shop is comprised of work areas, maintenance bays, and tool storage for the purpose of repairing and maintaining equipment and vehicles used by the Army Reserve and National Guard in conjunction with training. The Vehicle Wash Rack is an 800-square-foot facility primarily used for vehicle and equipment washing.

Commissioning services were provided to all three facilities as per LEED criteria. Systems commissioned included HVAC systems and associated controls, domestic hot water controls, and interior/exterior lighting controls. Design reviews, commissioning plan, performance testing, and verification of training were all conducted by RS&H certified commissioning authorities.

Project Information

NAS JRB Kingsville, Texas