In the Media: Design and Construction Collaboration

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RS&H Buildings Design-Build Manager Rob Smedley, AIA, DBIA, sees several opportunities for design and construction collaboration, including: The progressive design-build method Integration between the owner and the design-build team Partnering Utilizing new technologies Smedley joined Sue Dyer on the Construction Dream Team podcast earlier this month to talk about the importance of using design-build concepts on [...]

Is Growth Hurting the Transportation Alternative Delivery Market?

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At a time when both funding and demand for infrastructure improvements are booming, the number of qualified contractors interested in performing work on large-scale infrastructure projects seems to be shrinking. The transportation industry has increasingly relied on mega-project design-build (D-B) and public-private partnerships (P3) contracts to implement critical corridor and long-span bridge projects, but [...]

Using Adaptive Management to Integrate Climate Change Considerations

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There are many factors affecting how future climate change impacts are being considered by airports around the world. Most notably, airports that have been affected by severe storms or experiencing sea level rise effects, storm surge and high tides today are seeking answers and planning adaptation measures. Further, various government agencies are developing criteria [...]

In the Media: Crosstown Parkway Extension

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The RS&H-designed Crosstown Parkway Extension, set to open this fall, realizes a longstanding goal Port St. Lucie, Florida planners first had nearly 40 years ago: to add a vital crossing over the north fork of the St. Lucie River. The project, featured in the latest issue of Roads & Bridges, creates a third crossing into [...]

David Mantia Honored with Annual Award for Service to Community, Nation

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Imagine it’s Friday night after a long day of work. You walk out of your building, exhausted but excited. Instead of going home, you drive straight to your local elementary school. When you arrive, you see a group of parents and young adults walking into the school’s cafeteria. Everyone’s smiling, talking and… stretching? This [...]

Palhete to Lead RS&H’s Human Resources Team

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RS&H, one of the largest architecture and engineering firms in the nation, has named Jennifer Palhete its Vice President of Human Resources. “Jennifer’s prior experience includes working in a number of industries with a proven history of providing strategic leadership and consultative partnerships,” said RS&H CEO David Sweeney. “We’re excited to have her elevate [...]

In the Media: RS&H Leverages Creativity in Plan for Boeing 777X Arrival

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Creating an operational plan for a new wide-body jet would usually take several months to complete. But RS&H and the King County Airport only had a couple months to develop solutions for the Boeing 777X, which will have one of the largest wingspans of any commercial airliners in the world. “We had to be [...]