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In the Media: Adaptive Management and Climate Change

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Now on Aviation Pros, RS&H Vice President John Lengel and Environmental Specialist Rikki Vela examine how airports can use adaptive management to integrate climate change considerations. In this article, Lengel and Vela dive into the issues climate change poses to airports -- weather delays accounted for 38.4% of total aircraft delay minutes in the U.S. last [...]

In the Media: Turning Lab Design Challenges into Benefits

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“Successful labs are created when all stakeholders and the design team have an aligned vision,” writes RS&H Senior Project Manager Scott Crawford, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP, in the latest issue of Lab Manager magazine. “Every detail must be exhausted during planning to ensure labs are functional, efficient, and safe.” In his article, Crawford looks at several lab [...]

In the Media: Design and Construction Collaboration

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RS&H Buildings Design-Build Manager Rob Smedley, AIA, DBIA, sees several opportunities for design and construction collaboration, including: The progressive design-build method Integration between the owner and the design-build team Partnering Utilizing new technologies Smedley joined Sue Dyer on the Construction Dream Team podcast earlier this month to talk about the importance of using design-build concepts on [...]

In the Media: Crosstown Parkway Extension

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The RS&H-designed Crosstown Parkway Extension, set to open this fall, realizes a longstanding goal Port St. Lucie, Florida planners first had nearly 40 years ago: to add a vital crossing over the north fork of the St. Lucie River. The project, featured in the latest issue of Roads & Bridges, creates a third crossing into [...]

In the Media: RS&H Leverages Creativity in Plan for Boeing 777X Arrival

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Creating an operational plan for a new wide-body jet would usually take several months to complete. But RS&H and the King County Airport only had a couple months to develop solutions for the Boeing 777X, which will have one of the largest wingspans of any commercial airliners in the world. “We had to be [...]

In the Media: Eugene Airport’s Master Plan

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From the onset of Eugene Regional Airport’s master planning process and through continuous stakeholder involvement, the Eugene Regional Airport focused on establishing a vision for development that looks beyond the typical 20-year planning horizon. The RS&H-prepared new master plan not only creates that vision, but also gives guideposts to help the airport move forward for years [...]

In the Media: Designing a More Resilient Landmark

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The Jacksonville Beach Pier was closed after high surf churned up by Hurricane Matthew in October 2016 knocked several sections off the end of it. But it will reopen in two years as a much stronger, resilient structure. RS&H Senior Engineer Steven Starnes told the pier is being shored up with stronger and [...]

In the Media: The Benefits of Design-Build Partnering

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A successful design-build project requires strong collaboration between the owner and design-builder, a team of architects, engineers and builders, writes RS&H Design-Build Manager Rob Smedley in his column for Partnering Magazine. Partnering sessions are crucial to ensuring that all parties are on the same page before work progresses. A partnering session allows for the project owner [...]