Emerging Technologies

Army’s First Unmanned Aircraft Hangar Sets Design Standards

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Unmanned aircraft systems are enhancing US battlefield capabilities, allowing our military to become lighter, faster, more flexible, and more intelligent. While the demand for unmanned systems continues unabated today, several factors will influence the development of unmanned programs in the future, such as urgent operations, affordable solutions in a fiscally constrained environment, and safer [...]

Access Location Tool Improves Managed Lanes

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Like many ambitious and innovative highway solutions, the implementation of managed lanes requires effective planning. During this critical phase, planners and designers must carefully consider access locations to the facility. In order to achieve the highest potential in relieving traffic congestion and providing a reliable choice to general purpose lanes, managed lanes should [...]

Can Toll Road Apps Drive Customer Behavior?

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Nearly everyone has a smart phone filled with their favorite applications or “apps,” but is there a use for them related to toll roads? Transportation agencies seem to think so. As technology becomes more-and-more integrated into everyday life, agencies are providing another level of customer service by offering free apps for their road [...]

Sierra Nevada Corporation Teams with RS&H on Spacecraft Presentation

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Sierra Nevada Corporation's (SNC) Space Systems and partner organization RS&H presented findings regarding the challenges and opportunities of landing the Dream Chaser reusable spacecraft at public-use airports during the Space Traffic Management Conference. The conference was held in November at the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University campus in Daytona Beach, Florida. RS&H’s Brian Gulliver, PE, is [...]

RS&H Creates Visualization for Missouri Department of Transportation

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RS&H recently provided visualization services to produce an animation for the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) used to demonstrate a new freeway planned between Rogersville and Springfield, Missouri. The animation was part of a recent KY3-TV news report in Springfield. Both the public and the MoDOT officials were impressed with the visualization showing the [...]

Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Systems Reinvent Toll Collection

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Since the turn of the century, transportation agencies have focused on the use of tolling to increase revenue and operational efficiencies that can be implemented to enhance that revenue. The tolls back office has radically changed from focusing on cash collection to improving electronic toll collection processes and customer satisfaction. The equipment in [...]

Integrating Autonomous Vehicles and Managed Lanes

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When managed lanes first emerged on American highways, the primary form of congestion management was vehicle restriction, like high occupancy vehicles (HOV) or no-truck Lanes. Over time, however, the effectiveness of these vehicle restrictions in managing congestion has diminished. In many cases, HOV lanes have gone through a period in which lane degradation [...]

Autonomous Vehicles Drive the Future of Transportation Infrastructure

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The planning, design, and funding processes of our nation’s transportation infrastructure, including highways and city streets, are bound to see significant shifts in the next ten years. Over the next decade, all stakeholders, including federal, state, and local transportation agencies in the A/E/C industry, may need to re-think their business plans as a result [...]