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RS&H’s Rick Mobley Helps Others with His BBQ Passion

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It would only make sense that RS&H Transportation Planning Group Leader Rick Mobley is passionate about both engineering and barbecue. Both fields require precision, intensive study and, ultimately, the chase for perfection. Perfection is where the two practices differ. Engineering projects can hit that mark, proven through mathematical equations that can be confirmed again [...]

Keith Brockman Receives Harold Aiken Award

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With a rich history that dates back to 2006, RS&H has recognized the accomplishments of a Transportation-Infrastructure associate with the Harold V. Aiken Quality Award, which is a direct tribute to the exceptional loyalty and performance of our long-time colleague, Harold Aiken, who dedicated 58 years to our company and devoted much of his [...]

Improving Our Quality of Life for 75 Years and Counting

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We continually aim to bring extraordinary solutions to both our clients and our communities. Every project we undertake is completed with imagination, ingenuity, and innovation. Our work has led us many places, and we continue to seek out new opportunities to improve quality of life in the communities we serve.

Outreach to Ecuador’s Earthquake Victims

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Earlier this year, Ecuador was devastated by a 7.8-magnitude earthquake. It was the strongest earthquake to strike the country in over 30 years. The effects were devastating, with more than 600 fatalities and thousands more injured. After the earthquake’s destruction of many buildings and shopping centers, necessary supplies became difficult to obtain and distribute. Less than two weeks after the disaster took place, RS&H Aviation associate Madeleine Ferrer saw an opportunity to help...

RS&H Builds Halloween Costumes for ILRC Children

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Caiden Whitmarsh, 6, Kasey Iles, 8, and Will Barkoskie, 9, lined their wheelchairs up in front of the RS&H Jacksonville office Thursday, Oct.27, each dressed up in their new costumes for Halloween, complete with wide eyes and wider smiles. Their costumes were about to get a lot more expansive. Caiden, already dressed like a [...]

Reverse Mentoring Benefits Career Growth

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How can you enhance your talent and sharpen your competitive edge in today’s technological workplace? Try a current initiative referred to as reverse mentoring. Traditional mentoring has been a way to provide experience, knowledge, and perspective from a more senior associate to a younger colleague. Reverse mentoring allows for this exchange to occur in [...]

RS&H among DBIA 2016 National Design-Build Project/Team Award Winners

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RS&H design of the Veterans Memorial Bridge in Martin County, Florida, was among Design Build Institute of America’s 2016 Award Winners. “Completed in 2014, the bridge is a premier example of the design-build approach meeting challenging schedules and fostering innovation to produce a cost-effective project,” said DBIA in its press release.  The award cited [...]

RS&H promotes Ken Ibold as its Aviation Practice’s Southeast Regional Planning Service Group Leader

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RS&H has promoted Ken Ibold as its Aviation Practice’s Southeast Regional Planning Service Group Leader. Ken joined RS&H in 2009 and brings a total of 18 years of experience to the position. He is an established industry leader in airport safety management systems and commercial spaceport licensing, as well as a proven successful project [...]