Costa Rican Airport Sets Country Standard

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Initially selected in January 2012 for only a six-month assignment to create the conceptual and schematic design drawings for the expansion of a terminal building, RS&H associates flew down to Costa Rica to begin a relationship with an international client that we had hoped to nurture and grow for the coming years. But, little [...]

Spaceport Licensing: Converting Runways for Next Generation Space Travel

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RS&H’s Aviation Consultant and Spaceport Planner Ken Ibold authored a recent article in the FES Journal titled, “Spaceport Licensing: Converting Runways for Next Generation Space Travel.” Ken addresses the current state of the spaceport industry and identifies some of the challenges that airports face when converting into a spaceport. While referencing some of the [...]

Cayman Airport Design Doubles Capacity with “Elegant Shape”

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Officials of the Owen Roberts International Airport in the Cayman Islands have unveiled a new design for the airport that will more than double its size and passenger capacity. Airport representatives and architects working on the new $55-million airport say the new building will be constructed in four phases, allowing it to stay in [...]

RS&H Consulting on Detroit Metro Airport Runway Repairs

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The Detroit Free Press reported recently that cracks and flaws in the concrete at Detroit Metro Airport’s $225-million runway, which was added in 2001, are now posing risks and forcing a costly reconstruction. RS&H is serving as a consultant to the repairs and is advising on the application for a federal grant to pay [...]

RS&H to Design Cayman Island Airport Expansion

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The Cayman Compass reported that RS&H has been signed to provide the design of a $55 million expansion to the Grand Cayman’s central airport, which will double the capacity of the terminal to 2.5 million passengers annually. According to Albert Anderson, CEO of the airport authority, RS&H consultants will also be responsible for keeping [...]

Nation’s Spaceport Network Expected to Expand

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SpaceRef recently reported on a presentation that RS&H’s spaceport development team leader Brian Gulliver gave at the AIAA Space 2014 Forum in San Diego. The presentation, “An Expanding Network of Commercial Spaceports,” explored the growth of our nation’s spaceport network, which is expected to increase from eight to 17 functioning facilities in the next [...]

RS&H Analyzes Noise Impacts from Suborbital Reusable Launch Vehicles at Cecil Field

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In a recent article published by ArcNews, RS&H’s Highway Designer Lloyd Facklam and Environmental Scientist Cynthia Grizzle explain how geographic information systems (GIS) were used in a project to map potential noise exposure levels in 3D, setting a new standard for the analysis of potential spaceport noise impacts. The Jacksonville Aviation Authority (JAA) has teamed [...]

Public Involvement Key to Unlocking Anchorage Airport’s Future

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In order to secure Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) funding for development projects and to ensure Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport is prepared for success in an uncertain environment, RS&H helped Alaska’s largest and busiest airport control its own destiny by preparing a thoughtful, engaged master plan – a document that hadn’t been updated for [...]

San Antonio International Terminal Receives Upgrades

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Terminal A at San Antonio International Airport is currently being constructed and designed to bring the 31-year-old area out of its vintage days and up to 2014 standards. According to a recent article in Airport Improvement, RS&H Project Manager Pat Hargrove, who led the design and architectural planning for the renovation, said the mechanical systems [...]

Bishop International Airport Receives Sponsor of the Year Award

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The Bishop International Airport Authority in Flint, Michigan, was recognized as the Michigan Airport Sponsor of the Year in February. RS&H and the airport have been working together for more than 20 years. A few of our associates attended the event in support of the airport and its efforts, including Senior Aviation Engineers Pat [...]