Imagine turning your organization’s waste stream into more than $23 million of additional revenue in just five years. Through RS&H’s systematic and sustainable waste-to-revenue programs, one client accomplished just that and is continuing to reap benefits in revenue, overall savings, and enhanced environmental performance.

Whether your organization is faced with high disposal costs or pursuing zero-waste initiatives, our waste diversion experts can benchmark your waste stream and identify revenue and cost-reduction opportunities through enhanced recycling, improved process efficiencies, employee education, and many other programs. Operating on a fee or performance incentive basis, our highly efficient teams offer in-depth experience in managing all types of waste streams, including organics, solid, construction and demolition (C&D), hazardous, and universal waste.

We also develop custom, integrated web-based tracking and reporting systems that provide a sustainable way for our clients to measure and continually improve their long-term recycling and waste diversion performance.

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