What makes RS&H’s approach to planning unique is that our definition of planning starts with business components, not building components; Identifying the business goals that drive an organization’s facility development plan is the real first step. Does the organization have achievable and planned business goals in place that drive the need for space or is its facility development program based on aspirations alone? Great teams get to know the business so they can design the environment that will best enable and advance it.

Our teams use strategic business planners to assist in developing an organization’s integrated Strategic Facility Plan based on an analysis of the business practice, which includes the organization’s structure, marketing and sales, operations, information technology, human resources, and finances. By integrating strategic business planning with strategic facility planning, we offer a unique and innovative approach that best aligns our clients’ business goals with their specific facility development tasks to ensure cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable facility planning.

Sensitive to increased costs and environmental impacts, many organizations are also seeking ways to maximize their existing space in lieu of building new space. RS&H conducts facility assessments using Six Sigma practices with the goal of eliminating waste and maximizing efficiencies to best meet our clients’ needs, while developing safe, creative, and productive environments for their employees. We have conducted assessments for existing facilities ranging as small as 2,000 square feet to large research campuses encompassing more than 900,000 square feet. Our assessment methods drive solutions as simple as rearranging equipment in order to generate more efficient movement of personnel, to the full-scale planning and design of research campuses.

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