Rail & Port Facilities

At RS&H, we understand rail lines and maritime ports are critical transportation components of the nation’s economy and logistics. Nowadays, the industry strives to reduce transportation costs, increase security, reduce cargo handling, reduce risk of loss or damage, and speed delivery times. To support these issues, we offer a comprehensive range of program management, engineering, construction management, and consulting services specifically tailored to rails and ports.

From intermodal system coordination, to rail track construction, and through LEED facility construction, our construction professionals have the knowledge and experience to meet the dynamic needs of rails and ports. Ensuring projects are constructed on-time, on-budget, and with a focus on maximizing return on investment, RS&H can help its client’s better serve businesses and communities.

Rail project experience includes full rail corridor construction with rail bridges, grade-separations over rail, tunnels under rail, and at-grade crossings. And our port experience includes wharf rehabilitation, vertical facility construction, and crane rehabilitation. Our construction oversight experience includes vertical facility construction and rehabilitation, new start rail lines, and system modernization. And our construction engineers and inspectors are familiar with construction specifications and daily operations for rail and port facilities.

To stay current with technology and innovation in these industries, RS&H is involved in the Port Terminal Railroad Association and the American Association of Port Authorities. This focus, coupled with a strong history and understanding of corporate, municipal, department of transportation, and utility clients, offers a unique intermodal approach to help bridge these industries and form partnerships for progress with rail and port clients.

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