Pedestrian & Aesthetic Enhancements

Collaborating with our clients, RS&H identifies the client’s and the public’s needs in the oversight of pedestrian and aesthetic construction projects. We understand how communities drive the need for pedestrian projects and have experience ensuring highly aesthetic details are incorporated into construction. Our engineers and construction professionals have managed construction of numerous types of pedestrian infrastructure, including sidewalks, pedestrian and wildlife structures, multi-use trails, intricate landscaping, and community-led design charettes.

By staying up-to-date with the latest funding practices, our team understands the unique funding circumstances associated with managing federal, state, and locally funded or shared-funding projects. We are committed to our involvement in nationally recognized organizations, including the American Public Works Association, National Association of County Engineers, and Federal Highway Administration’s Every Day Counts Program.

Ensuring our clients get reimbursed by federal or state entities is just as important as ensuring a quality project and maintaining an excellent public image. Whether a project includes elaborate wall designs, high volumes of pedestrian traffic, sophisticated lighting, or complex structures, our construction professionals will deliver quality projects while ensuring the highest level of community satisfaction. Pedestrian safety is our priority as we strive for maximum longevity, consistent aesthetic appeal, and accessibility for the community in all that we do.

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