Our goal in designing additions/renovations facilities is to express the purpose and spirit of the program through the interpretation of the project’s unique requirements and context. The primary influences are users of the facility, the program, and the site context. The continuity of our firm’s work is that each project is unique in its response to specific requirements and context.

The basic premise of each design concept is the diligent resolution of program and functional requirements in the context of specific site influences. We believe that this approach inspires good architectural design. The integration of functional requirements and contextual site influences in a coordinated design scheme serves to enrich the building and enhance the surrounding environment. The building becomes richer functionally being a part of the larger context. We owe the creative ideas for our projects to the indigenous character and influences of the locations in which they are built.

We focus our creative efforts in additions/renovations facilities on the development of unique and appropriate solutions to the issues defined by the project program, acknowledging opportunities and challenges suggested by the particular environmental setting. We regard architecture as a problem-solving process, giving the highest priority to the specific and ultimate needs of our clients. We encourage user participation and criticism, knowing that dialogue produces a more comprehensive and appropriate design solution.

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