Wells Fargo Zero Net Energy

Wells Fargo desired a new, 3,225-square-foot bank branch to expand their market, show the Bank’s commitment to the area, and relieve pressure from their other busy branches. Wells Fargo asked RS&H to fully develop the concept design of a Zero Net Energy store. It was always the Bank’s intent to achieve LEED platinum certification, the highest certification possible in the building design and construction category. RS&H assisted the Bank in submitting the documentation for certification.

This building is both RS&H’s and the client’s first zero net energy branch, setting the bar high for future projects and branches. Wells Fargo has a commitment to sustainability and has been building LEED Certified stores since 2008. While many contain standard features, such as high efficiency HVAC systems and low-flow plumbing fixtures, Hialeah Gardens contains several unique features that meet zero net energy requirements.

One of the most unique features is the self-tinting view glass, which switches between clear and tinted states throughout the day to optimize natural light while minimizing heat and glare. To accomplish this there are several solar sensors on every exposure to individually darken or lighten the glass on each exposure to balance heat gain and daylight. Another unique feature the building has is Solartubes, which capture and concentrate the sun’s rays from the rooftop aperture and transfers them indoors to fill the interior with natural daylight.

The building’s rooftop is covered with 112 solar panels that are expected to generate 54,000 kWh of energy offsetting annual consumption levels. LED lighting and lighting control systems are integrated into the Energy Management System to maximize energy efficiency. A Variable Refrigerant Flow HVAC system provides a balanced heating and cooling approach and conditions and dehumidifies air before it enters the building. The conditioned air is then evenly distributed by a large efficient ceiling fan, providing a 10-degree cooling effect. The building structure is compiled of insulated concrete panels which offers both hurricane protection and double the insulating factor of a typical building wall.

Project Details

Description Corporate
LEED/Sustainable Design
New Facilities
Electrical Engineering
Structural Engineering
Civil Engineering
HVAC/Mechanical Engineering
Interior Design
Landscape Architecture
Lighting Design
Client Wells Fargo Bank, CPG
Owner Wells Fargo Bank, CPG
Size 3,225 SF
Certification LEED Platinum
Delivery Method Design-Bid-Build


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