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Description Corporate
Corporate Workplace
Lighting Design
Location Jacksonville, Florida


Robert Schroeder
Lighting Design

Vistakon Sullins Auditorium

This 100-seat auditorium is the centerpiece of the 14,000-square-foot Vision Care Institute. This space was carved out of an existing one, located in an office area adjacent to Vistakon’s Jacksonville, Florida manufacturing facility.

Attendees typically spend three days attending lectures, seminars and workshops. As the only meeting space in the Institute with windows, it was decided early on that views to the exterior would be an integral part of the auditorium’s design. Motorized fabric shades were selected which allow filtered views of the landscape beyond while preventing glare from low-angle sunlight.

We selected tiered seating in order to improve visibility. Working around existing structural beams, HVAC ducts and sprinkler piping, designers fitted a series of indirectly lighted ceiling coffers to provide glare free lighting and an increased sense of height within the space.

Controls provide the flexibility to meet a variety of program functions and presentation methods within the auditorium. Accent lighting is available to put emphasis on a lecturer. The lower levels of lighting facilitate viewing of video productions. Higher levels allow for note-taking and video conferencing. Depending on preference, the lighting can be dimmed or raised at will.