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Project Details

Description Sustainable Solutions
GHG Inventories & Climate Action Plan
Energy Management
Energy Commissioning
Location Jacksonville, FL
Client UTC Aerospace Systems
Owner Goodrich Corporation


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UTC Aerospace Climate Action Plan

RS&H Develops Climate Action Plan for UTC Aerospace Systems
RS&H developed 32 energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction projects based on review and analysis of UTC Aerospace Systems Engineered Polymer Products (EPP) data, facility systems, and associated reference materials. All recommended projects have a simple payback of fewer than seven years. Eighteen of them can be implemented at no or low-cost (less than $2,000) utilizing existing EPP staff. The other recommended projects will require some capital investment by the company.

GHG Emissions Reduction Projects will Result in Bottom-line Savings
These projects could have a large effect on EPPs energy use and GHG emissions, potentially leading towards significant bottom-line savings and attainment of corporate GHG reduction goals, including up to $374,000 in avoided annual energy expenses and abatement of 960 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents (mtCO2e), equal to about a 30 percent reduction in EPP’s GHG emissions, or three times its 2015 goal. The estimated total cost of all projects is over $1.2 million with an average simple payback period of about two and a half years. RS&H reviewed federal, state, local, and utility financial incentives for energy efficiency and/or greenhouse gas abatement investments. These incentives may be combined with many of the recommended projects to develop an enhanced business case for implementation.

Water Audit
RS&H performed a water consumption audit of the client’s industrial manufacturing facility. RS&H requested the client’s utility billing data to develop a history of water use and identify anomalies. Our project team visited the client’s facility to observe all water-using systems and document their consumption. The team verified details of plumbing fixture flow rates, irrigation system operation, boiler, and autoclave processes, and assessed leakage and system malfunctions/deficiencies. RS&H then developed a water conservation plan that analyzed historical water consumption and calculated the true cost of water used at the facility. It also presented water budget results, including all inflows and outflows and estimated leakage from the system. The plan also included recommendations for water conservation projects along with their estimated implementation costs.

Further Recommendations to Increase Sustainability for UTC Aerospace Systems
In addition, RS&H provided nine recommendations for furthering EPP’s energy and greenhouse gas management efforts. By implementing these recommendations, EPP can significantly reduce its energy use and associated environmental, health and safety impacts, while benefiting the company’s bottom line. Seven additional recommendations were provided for non-energy sectors, including water management, electric systems, ventilation, acoustic comfort, and interior design. Recommendations were selected for their potential impact, as well as their importance to realizing economic, social, and environmental returns on investment. RS&H established a baseline for energy use and greenhouse gas emissions at EPP by end use, including major industrial processes, such as electric autoclaves, compressed air, hydraulic presses, oil heaters, boilers, and refrigeration. Using this baseline, RS&H calculated historical rates of change in energy use and emissions over a 10-year period.