Project Description

US Route 460 Connector Phase I Design-Build

RS&H is providing design-build oversight, construction engineering and inspection (CEI), owner independent verification (IV), and independent assurance (IA) inspection as the Owner’s Representative for the US Route 460 Connector Phase I Design-Build project connecting the Kentucky state line across the Virginia border.  When completed, the high-profile project will feature the tallest bridges in Virginia reaching 250-feet over Grassy Creek through the Appalachian Mountains.

The twin, high-level Grassy Creek bridges will be 1,733 feet in length with a total of six spans each supported by five H-shaped concrete columns. The foundations for the structures consist of a combination of pre-bored H-piles, spread footers, and micro-piles. Four of the spans will be built using the balanced cantilever cast-in-place segmental construction method with two main spans of 489 feet and the boxes varying from 31 feet to 12.5 feet in depth. The end spans will utilize 78-inch modified bulb-T beams.

Additionally, the project includes a four-lane divided highway and an access ramp to Route 80, improving access to Breaks Interstate Park. The access ramp to Route 80 also includes the construction of a bridge crossing Hunts Creek and Route 768. Also included are secondary connections to Routes 609 and 693 from Route 80.

Independent assurance and verification inspection include:

  • All reinforcing steel, post-tensioning duct and anchors and concrete placements during superstructure cast-in-place segmental construction operations
  • Superstructure segment geometry control
  • Foundation construction
  • Reinforcing steel, concrete placement of bridge piers
  • Post-tensioning and grouting of tendons
  • Assisting VDOT with a Post Tensioning Specification revision
  • All bridge utility systems, including bridge drainage and lighting
  • Over 3.1 million cubic yards of excavation
  • Asphalt spread rates and roadway cross slopes
  • Drainage structure installation and grade
  • Erosion and sediment control plan and procedures
  • Maintenance of traffic plan and implementation
  • Blasting plan and operations

Project Details

Description Transportation
Construction Management
Construction Engineering & Inspection
Location Breaks, VA
Client Virginia Department of Transportation
Owner Pasco County and Florida Department of Transportation, District Seven


Douglas D. Geiger, PE
Transportation-Construction Management