• Upland Habitat Restoration of the CCWF.
  • Upland Habitat Restoration of the CCWF.
  • Upland Habitat Restoration of the CCWF.

Project Details

Description Environmental
Ecological Services & Permitting
Location Pasco County, FL
Client Tampa Bay Water


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Upland Habitat Restoration of the CCWF

RS&H has provided management services for the restoration of upland habitats in the Cypress Creek Wellfield (CCWF) in Pasco County, Florida.  The CCWF is an important source of water for the surrounding region and is also part of the Cypress Creek Preserve.

Historically, wildfires were a common and essential component of Florida’s natural landscape. However, due to public safety concerns, wildfires are no longer allowed to burn freely, which can ultimately change the natural habitat. Overtime, plants and animals unique to these habitats can be lost.

As part of this project, RS&H identified, evaluated, and prescribed fire and mechanical land management techniques to restore the fire-dependent upland habitats within the CCWF. The team also established vegetative monitoring transects, plots, and photo stations to assess the success of the management activities annually.

In addition to improved habitat for wildlife, benefits of this restoration project also include the reduction of fuel loads that can lead to catastrophic wildfires.