• Map of United States showing truck touring model.
  • Map of Florida showing truck touring model.
  • Map of South Florida.

Project Details

Description Transportation
Urban & Regional Planning
Location Tampa, FL
Client Florida Department of Transportation District 7


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Truck Touring Model

RS&H developed a truck touring model for the Tampa metropolitan area. This region is critical to goods distribution in Central Florida due to the presence of the Port of Tampa, the Port of Manatee, and its proximity to the Tampa-Orlando distribution and warehousing corridor.

The model focuses on representing the behavior of trucks that serve the goods distribution industry. The methods were developed using data from a truck trip diary survey, which included respondents from the wholesale, transportation and warehousing, and grocery sectors.

The model is designed to better represent the trip generation, stop generation, and routing choices of these vehicles, which can be used to evaluate truck trip congestion, air quality, and other metrics.