Project Description

Design of Installation of Transpired Solar Collection Systems, Susquehanna DLA, PA

Under the U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center Huntsville’s Energy Conservation Investment Program, RS&H served as the design-build Designer of Record for the largest induction solar wall in the United States.

RS&H completed the full design for four transpired solar collectors, totaling approximately 61,000 square feet, were mounted onto Building 2001, a massive 1.7-million square foot warehouse at the Susquehanna Defense Logistics Agency, Pennsylvania. The solar wall uses forced air to ventilate a wall cavity, driving heated air to rise and be utilized in the HVAC system as pretreated outside air in winter with a bypass for summer heat rejection. The project also included replacing the existing HID exterior loading dock and area lighting with motion-controlled LED fixtures for additional reduced lighting energy consumption and cost.

The US Army forecasts the solar wall to save DLA $350,000 in annual energy costs.

Read more about the project on the Army’s website.