Project Description

Project Details

Description Disaster Relief
Location Ft. Pierce, FL
Client State of Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services


John Rice, PE, CEM
Disaster Relief

State Farmers’ Market Reconstruction

RS&H performed the design and construction administration services for the repair and reconstruction of the State Farmers’ Market in Ft. Pierce, Florida. The project was in response to hurricane damage sustained through the summer of 2004. Funding was provided by the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) and the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (DOACS), with the goal of restoring the site to pre-hurricane conditions and to account for current and future operations.

RS&H utilized a modular design that is functional and low maintenance, but highly durable, obtained cost estimates throughout the design process, and ensured proper vehicular circulation, parking requirements, and overall safety of the site in order to meet project goals.

RS&H completed thorough investigation and documentation of the hurricane damage in compliance with FEMA’s codes and policies. The scope of services included a detailed facility assessment of 12 agricultural warehouses, researching the pre-hurricane conditions, preparing detailed documentation to support “repair and/or replacement of disaster-damaged facilities” according to FEMA guidelines, debris removal, partial demolition, the complete replacement of seven buildings, and the repair of four buildings.