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Description Transportation
Water Resources
Water & Wastewater Systems
Location Duval and St. Johns Counties, FL
Client Jacksonville Electric Authority


Jeffrey S. Glenn, PE, D.WRE, CFM
Water Resources

St. Johns Bluff Road Force Main

RS&H provided design, project management, construction management, and inspection services for the St. Johns Bluff Road force main in Jacksonville, Florida. The development of a large shopping center, several condominiums, and town homes near St. Johns Bluff Road placed a large demand on the sewer systems and availability in the area. To enhance service in anticipation of further expansion for several years to come, JEA planned for and installed a large force main system with several pump stations.

Since St. Johns Bluff Road is a busy roadway, several different maintenance of traffic (MOT) plans and methods were incorporated in order to complete the difficult construction while sustaining vehicular traffic and keeping the construction site safe. The project consisted of 13,665 linear feet of force main ranging from 12 to 36-inch diameter. However, the vast majority of the project, over 13,000 feet, included 36-inch diameter force main. Also included was the installation of fiber optics to accommodate any future communication requirements.

Heavy rains and high groundwater provided a challenge during construction since the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) prevented the contractor from releasing any of this stormwater into waters of the state. Instead, the contractor was required to dewater much of the site, as well as contain the groundwater being produced. Throughout the project, RS&H inspection staff assisted in ensuring that no FDEP regulations were violated.

Existing utility conflicts posed another substantial challenge since St. Johns Bluff Road had to be crossed at several intersections and the proposed alignment required use of the median on a portion of the project. The RS&H Construction Manager and Inspector continually encountered such conflicts, which required immediate resolution in order to maintain the construction schedule.