• Space Coast Regional Airport Spaceport Feasibility Study.

Project Details

Description Aerospace
Spaceport Planning
Location Titusville, FL
Client/Owner Space Coast Regional Airport


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Space Coast Regional Airport Spaceport Feasibility Study

RS&H completed an expedited technical feasibility study of Space Coast Regional Airport to evaluate its ability to support spaceport operations for horizontal reusable launch vehicles, a system capable of launching a vehicle into space more than once.

The airport was competing with several other airports and spaceports to bring a new commercial launch operator to its site. The results of the study enabled the airport to identify key spaceport requirements, as well as potential operational areas within the airport. Potential vehicles will be able to use existing flight corridors available in the Eastern Range, a rocket range that supports missile and rocket launches.

To assess the technical feasibility of spaceport operations at the airport, RS&H conducted a number of analyses including:

  • Spaceport Goals and Objectives
  • Preliminary Explosive Site Plan Analysis
  • Preliminary Airspace Analysis and Review of Potential Flight Corridors

In addition to conducting the analysis, RS&H provided technical support during the initial pre-application consultation meeting with the FAA Office of Commercial Space. RS&H is continuing to work with Space Coast Regional Airport on the subsequent phase, which includes the technical aspects and environmental aspects associated with obtaining a launch site operator license.