Southport Connector Expressway Conceptual, Feasibility, and Mobility Study

The Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX) is examining four projects that will provide a new location for the 42-mile limited access toll facility from I-4 to SR 417. RS&H was responsible for the 13-mile Southport Connector segment. As part of the study, RS&H developed alternative corridors and investigated multilane toll expressways, mass transit initiatives, and intermodal facilities. The project included an extensive public involvement program, evaluation of social and environmental impacts, and a financial viability analysis.

While most of the land use involved large cattle ranches, approximately 4 miles were in a highly developed suburban town center environment that included shopping plazas, restaurants, recreation facilities, schools, hospitals, emergency service providers, and a major water supply operation. RS&H developed an elevated alternative that removed through traffic flow from the local arterial roadway and eliminated the need for additional land acquisition, thereby preserving the integrity of the town center activities. This solution will allow CFX to incorporate a major regional toll facility within a very constrained area with no impacts to the suburban core town center.

Based upon RS&H’s performance on this initial segment of the proposed expressway, RS&H was subsequently awarded a second contract to further develop two additional segments totaling 26.5 miles of the entire 42-mile project.

Project Details

Description Transportation
Planning & Environmental
Public Involvement
Transportation/Corridor Planning
Location Osceola County, FL
Client/Owner Central Florida Expressway Authority


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