Project Description

Project Details

Description Transportation
Master Planning
Location South Carolina
Owner/Client South Carolina Department of Transportation


James W. Hullett, Jr.

South Carolina Statewide Strategic Corridor System Plan

South Carolina has experienced rapid growth in population and development, placing increasing demands on its existing transportation network. To ensure an efficient and effective transportation system, the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) initiated the development of a statewide multimodal plan encompassing a broad range of planning issues. The effort culminated in the identification of strategic corridors that provide a connected and continuous network serving the traveling public, as well as the needed connections for shipping and trade, which are essential to the economic vitality of the state.

Our team provided policy and system planning, public involvement, and geographic information systems (GIS) services for the development of the Statewide Strategic Corridor System Plan. The project involved developing policies and procedures for the statewide planning process, including the identification of the significant corridors. To ensure citizen and stakeholder involvement, our team worked closely with an advisory resource group and its subcommittees, which provided guidance and input throughout the process.

Through this planning effort, SCDOT was able to target its limited financial resources in the most effective manner with the goal of helping the state maintain its position in the global marketplace by efficiently moving both people and goods.