Project Description

Silver Comet & Noonday Creek Trail Extensions

RS&H assisted in the development of a Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvement Plan for the extension of the Silver Comet and Noonday Creek Trails in Cobb County, Georgia.   At over 61 miles long, the Silver Comet Trail is  the most popular, widely used, and longest multi-use trail in the Metropolitan Atlanta area.  The new segment will connect the Silver Comet Trail to the existing trail network in Atlanta, bridging a critical gap in the region’s trail system and leading to the formation of a 120-mile trail network.  The Noonday Creek Trail extension is planned to extend the trail approximately 4.1 miles.

We conducted an alternatives analysis assessment for the two proposed trail extensions, which involved the identification of multiple potential trail alignments, evaluation of surrounding land-use and connectivity, extensive GIS analysis, preparation of cost estimates, and a prioritization process.  We also developed the concept for the trail extensions and led all public involvement activities, including working closely with the public to prioritize the best alternative for the recommended trail extensions.

The improved bicycle and pedestrian system will provide numerous benefits, including reduced air emissions leading to improved air quality, which is a major issue for the area.  The improvements will also lead to enhanced mobility and overall improved quality of life for residents and visitors of Cobb County.

Project Details

Description Transportation
Bike/Pedestrian Facilities
Urban Design & Public Spaces
Location Marietta, GA
Client/Owner Cobb County


James W. Hullett, Jr.
Bike and Pedestrian Facilities