Project Description

Security Projects at Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport

RS&H was initially selected to conduct a comprehensive security assessment that involved an extensive analysis of the Airport’s access control system components, communication systems, functionality of the airport operations center and concept development for integrating Explosive Detection System technology into the baggage systems.

RS&H was then selected to program and design a consolidated airport operation and public safety facility. The scope of the work entailed upgrading the Airport’s access controls and closed circuit television system, as well as designing security-related modifications at the entrance roadway and parking facility. The access controls and closed-circuit television system design included state-of-the-art access controls and a digital video management system. The design modifications to the entrance roadway and parking facility included the design of a guard booth for vehicle inspection at the entrance roadway and design of barriers and gates in the parking facility that would allow the Airport to change the parking lot configuration during times of heightened security levels.

Project Details

Description Corporate
Mission Critical
Special Operations Centers
Location Amarillo, TX
Client/Owner City of Amarillo


Andrew P. Wheeler
Mission Critical