Project Description

Project Details

Description Transportation
Water Resources
Drainage Design
Location Charlotte, NC
Client City of Charlotte


Jeffrey S. Glenn, PE, D.WRE, CFM
Water Resources

Parkwood Avenue Storm Drainage

RS&H is conducting a study to identify drainage improvements to reduce flooding along Parkwood Avenue near the downtown Charlotte area. The project is located just north of the I-277 beltline and consists of 400 acres of highly urbanized watershed area. The existing drainage system is comprised of closed pipe systems, open channel, and culvert systems.

The project has been divided into comprehensive and conceptual study areas. The comprehensive study area is considered the “spine” of the improvements project. For this area, the team will conduct a detailed analysis using HEC-1, HEC-RAS, Hydraulic Gradeline Calculations, and overland flow to produce realistic water surface elevations at key sites, such as reported structure or road flooding locations. The conceptual area consists of the supporting drainage systems or tributaries feeding the main conveyance systems. The conceptual area analysis will be less detailed than the comprehensive but will provide adequate analysis to determine whether a system is completely failing or functioning at a sufficient rate. The conceptual analysis will utilize the Rational Method, Inlet Capacity Analysis, and Manning’s gravity flow analysis of the pipe systems.

To validate the findings, the team will compare the information obtained from the comprehensive and conceptual analyses to citizen input via questionnaire results, reported drainage complaints, and other data. The project also includes an existing conditions analysis, City Design Standard analysis, and alternatives analysis to determine the best resolution to the flooding problems in the area.