Oil and Natural Gas Acquisition Environmental Due Diligence

RS&H provided environmental services to support two natural gas production acquisitions totaling 251 natural gas well sites and associated facilities. The assessment identified environmental liabilities associated with the acquisition in order for the owner to restore and/or maintain compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations.

RS&H provided a field assessment of the properties and a regulatory compliance audit to ensure all the appropriate permits were filed. The team also performed a regulatory database review to identify previously documented issues such as leaking underground storage tanks, landfills, toxic waste sites, as well as reviewed historical aerial photography for signs of previous contamination and/or concerns.

To meet the aggressive schedule, the team utilized innovative GIS techniques such as Data Driven Pages and Advanced Label Expressions to speed up and standardize the mapping process. In addition, the use of Advanced Label Expressions further expedited the process by creating conditional logic and looping to automatically format the appearance of labels.

In addition, RS&H provided a comprehensive report describing the methodology and results of the study, as well as recommendations for restoring compliance and/or reducing environmental liabilities. RS&H’s breadth of experience in contamination and remediation allowed the team to make informed recommendations on identifying and reducing environmental liabilities.

Project Details

Description Transportation
Regulatory Compliance Support
Location Rusk and Panola Counties, TX
Client Tanos Exploration II, LLC


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