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Project Details

Description Environmental
Mitigation Banking
Location United States
Client/Owner Forestar (USA) Real Estate Group, Inc.


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Nationwide Mitigation Study

To identify areas across the country that had elevated needs for mitigation bank credits and a limited level of competition, a nationwide market study was launched by Forestar (USA) Real Estate Group, Inc. The study addressed many ecosystem markets, including wetland, streams, threatened and endangered species, and carbon.

First, areas of high economic growth were identified, which often coincided with impacts to the local ecosystems. RS&H used geographic information system (GIS) geodatabases to organize and store data, and developed a web-based GIS map that could be viewed and manipulated electronically. This map allowed users to create custom maps and provide feedback on the information. Additionally, the team leveraged its breadth of knowledge and experience to concentrate data collection efforts on the most worthwhile data sources.

Because of RS&H’s extensive background and research, Forestar received sound recommendations on ecosystem restoration projects and property investments and, as a result, is better able to prioritize other projects appropriately.