Monroe Street Median Feasibility Study

RS&H completed a median feasibility study for 4 miles of Monroe Street through downtown Tallahassee, Florida. The results of this study will help the Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency (CRTPA) move into the next phases of planning and design of the medians. RS&H performed existing conditions and future needs analysis as the baseline of the study, including field data collection and GIS analysis.

The ease of access and safety are a delicate balance when conducting an access management study. RS&H developed a comprehensive public involvement plan to both gather input and educate business owners about the safety improvements proper access management can have on the traveling public. RS&H’s use of public meetings, small group meetings, and the project team’s monthly meetings helped ensure that the project’s goals were successfully met.

RS&H worked closely with the Florida Department of Transportation, City of Tallahassee, and CRTPA to ensure the concepts developed would be suitable to all parties involved. Access management standards were adhered to as closely as possible while maintaining access to adjacent properties.

Project Details

Description Transportation
Planning & Environmental
Public Involvement
Transportation/Corridor Planning
Location Tallahassee, FL
Client/Owner Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency


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