Merieux Nutriscience Nutritional and Sensory Food Testing Laboratory

Expanding the capacity to serve the food industry for nutritional and sensory testing, this new facility follows the operational process to streamline testing time and maximize effective testing protocols. Laboratories are designed with movable work stations to adjust to variable volumes of specific types of work. Centralized locations of pass through incubators and food storage units allow for maximum efficient access that enhances product flow.

The facility is zoned into three specific areas, public sensory testing, administration offices and testing laboratories. Each area has its own circulation patterns aligned with the functions it serves. Public entrance is identified separately from staff and sample receiving areas to allow for maximum brand recognition.

The single story design stretches linearly to conform to the available site. The site is within a new office complex that allows for clear facility recognition and access.

Exterior materials include glazing and stucco with blue metal panel accents aligning with the company’s branding palette. Natural light is maximized through glazing of public areas and high laboratory windows above laboratory furnishings.

The overall concept maximizes adaptability to changing testing requirements, convenient and collaborative work environment for staff, and provides a clean corporate image to inspire trust and scientific efficacy of the company mission.

Project Details

Description Health & Science
Testing Facilities
Client/Owner Merieux Nutrisciences
Size 22,000 SF


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