Project Description

Little Rock Road Intersection Improvements

The intersection of Little Rock Road and Abe Street/Creek Road is located adjacent to Plano High School in Illinois and experiences high peak-hour volumes of traffic as students travel to and from school.

RS&H provided preliminary planning and design engineering services for improvements to the existing intersection, including alternative intersection evaluations, traffic and crash studies, planning studies, detailed design, utility coordination, construction document preparation, and public coordination. Intersection alternatives included signalization, adding turn lanes, and a roundabout. Upon completion of the preliminary planning phase, a roundabout was selected as the preferred alternative.

As the first roundabout in the area, careful consideration was given during the planning and design phase as to the implementation of such an important, high-profile project. Once constructed, the roundabout will not only accommodate the future growth of the surrounding area, but also ensure safe and efficient traffic flow and operations.

Project Details

Description Transportation
Highways & Local Roads
Location Plano, IL
Client/Owner Kendall County Highway Department


James W. Hullett, Jr.
Highways and Local Roads