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Description Water Resources
Water & Wastewater Systems
Location Duval and St. Johns Counties, FL
Client Jacksonville Electric Authority


Jeffrey S. Glenn, PE, D.WRE
Water Resources

JEA South Grid Potable & Reclaimed Water Construction

Expanding residential developments in the north St. Johns County region of Florida placed increasing demands on the area’s water resources to meet growth needs, thus JEA, the local utility authority, planned a system to construct both potable and reclaimed water lines. RS&H provided program management, construction management, inspection, and permitting for all phases of the project.

RS&H also initiated a pilot program that integrated Global Positioning System (GPS), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and AutoCad for the production of near real-time as-built drawings, providing numerous benefits ranging from cost savings to the client, improved accuracy of final as-built drawings, and improved quality assurance/quality control. The completed project involved the installation of over 58,400 linear feet of potable and reclaimed water lines from 20-inch to 30-inch diameter.

The project used an existing JEA power line right-of-way to install over 34,000 linear feet of 20-inch and 24-inch diameter potable water line. This portion of the project included the construction through several wetland areas, and in order to install the pipe without impacting the wetlands or requiring mitigation, RS&H proposed and implemented an environmentally friendly solution of Horizontal Direction Drilling (HDD).

A large amount of reclaimed water line was also installed, and 24,400 linear feet of 24-inch and 30-inch diameter pipe were included in this project. The reclaim line was installed using the open-cut method, and the HDD method where required.

The RS&H Construction Manager and Inspector worked carefully with the contractor in coordinating all locations and connections of each of the construction methods. RS&H inspectors also monitored the construction to ensure compliance with all environmental regulations. The reclaim line was installed along Racetrack Road, a heavily traveled roadway, and several wetlands, streams, and rivers had to be crossed to complete the construction. The project utilized a retention station and booster pumps to ensure the flow of the potable water and provide the necessary pressure to the new lines.