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Project Description

Jacksonville Bank Ortega Branch

The Jacksonville Bank requested a renovation of its existing 3,000-square-foot, free-standing building with intent to maximize the interior space and visibility from the street at the Ortega Branch. The bank was looking to update the interior for function and aesthetics, while coordinating with the existing materials and layout.

The branch renovation included a branch manager’s office, one conference room, an open office area, a teller station, and lobby. An inviting landscape design creates an appearance that compliments the interior and exterior improvements.

After considering the replacement of the existing floor tile, teller line, and the ceiling over the teller line, the bank approved these minor, but visually dramatic modifications. The existing office walls were also replaced with a glass store front system to open and brighten the lobby and office areas.

The color palette used at the downtown branch and headquarters building was incorporated with the existing finishes at the Ortega Branch. The existing bronze exterior window mullions were painted metallic silver to lighten up the interior and exterior. In addition, furniture was selected to compliment the interior.

Project Details

Description Corporate
Interior Design
Location Jacksonville, FL
Client/Owner The Jacksonville Bank
Square Footage 3,000 Square Feet


James P. Hawkes, AIA, LEED AP