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Description Transportation
Water Resources
Environmental Services
Location West Palm Beach, FL
Client Florida Department of Transportation, District Four


Jeffrey S. Glenn, PE, D.WRE
Water Resources

I-95 Ditch Dredging & Bank Stabilization

RS&H served as the Engineer of Record and provided project management, roadway, structures and drainage plans production, and permitting services for the extension of a 5-foot by 7-foot box culvert within the I-95 limited access right-of-way in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Located between Belvedere Road and the Stub Canal, the existing outfall ditch was inaccessible due to a pinch point created by the top of the ditch and the existing mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) retaining walls of the Ramp F Bridge. As a result, significant erosion and sedimentation have accumulated within the ditch resulting in decreased conveyance capacity and degradation of the water quality into the adjacent Stub Canal. The erosion of the existing outfall ditch mostly initiated from the adjacent private property occurred mainly during the duration of the design phase (post-survey). The team considered various design options to most accurately define the earthwork quantities without creating a potential underrun or overrun in pay item quantities.

To provide access for construction and future maintenance, the outfall ditch was made accessible by extending the existing box culvert under Belvedere Road. The team also utilized a newer, more cost-effective armoring product called fabric-formed concrete riprap (8-inch filterpoints), which is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. These improvements will not only restore the original conveyance capacity of the ditch but also minimize maintenance and operating costs. Additionally, RS&H developed a special technical provision for the fabric-formed concrete riprap, which has now become standard for subsequent Florida Department of Transportation District Four projects.