I-10 East PEL Study

RS&H is completing one of four planning and environmental linkages (PEL) studies in the Houston metro area. The corridor is a 30-mile segment of I-10 East from downtown Houston at I-69 to 30 miles east at SH 99. RS&H is conducting analysis and planning activities in order to produce a planning product that effectively serves the community’s transportation needs. The results of the study may be used to inform a subsequent project-specific NEPA process.

The project is divided into two phases. Phase I consists of defining the existing conditions, identifying potentially environmentally sensitive areas, and developing goals and objectives to measure success of the study. Phase I will culminate with the developing the Universe of Alternatives that meets the goals and objectives. Phase II will refine the Universe of Alternatives down to as many as three viable alternatives based on a comparative analysis.

The public is actively participating in the study through the Project Ambassadors Committee, stakeholder and agency meetings, and general public meetings. RS&H will also host the project website that will house project information and contain a variety of public outreach tools to support the alternatives analysis process.

Project Details

Description Transportation
Location Houston, TX
Client/Owner Texas Department of Transportation


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