• Hurricane Frances and Jeanne Restoration.
  • Hurricane Frances and Jeanne Restoration.
  • Hurricane Frances and Jeanne Restoration.

Project Details

Description Disaster Relief
Construction Management
Construction Engineering & Inspection
CM-Highways & Local Roads
Location Southeast Florida
Client/Owner Florida Department of Transportation, District Four


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Hurricane Frances and Jeanne Restoration

After Hurricane Frances and Jeanne hit Florida’s east coast, debris clean up and sign and signal restoration was needed. RS&H was part of the Consultant Construction Engineering and Inspection (CEI) team to direct and administer the efforts of emergency contractors in this recovery effort for Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District Four.

The CEI team developed a quantity and payment monitoring method that was effective in determining where materials were coming from and avoided potential abuse of the system. The method involved a multi-part ticket that was written by a CEI inspector assigned with each clean-up contractor crew and another CEI inspector was assigned to each collection site receiving the debris at the dump. Each truck was pre-certified for capacity through joint measurement of the truck by the CEI consultant and the clean-up contractor personnel.

The CEI consultant staff would match up the roadside and collection site tickets at the end of the day and report the debris quantity, the number of crews, trucks, inspectors and other data to CEI consultant’s office for final tabulation.

At the same time that we were keeping track of the quantities on a daily basis, we were also performing estimates and surveys of remaining work in the adjacent four counties. The debris removal effort continued to the end of October 2004.