• Harbor Deepening Video.
  • Harbor Deepening Video.

Project Details

Description Transportation
Ports & Marine
Location Jacksonville, FL
Client Jacksonville Port Authority


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Harbor Deepening Video

The Jacksonville Port Authority (JAXPORT) recognized the need for a tool to facilitate and improve their ability to convey critical information about the deepening of the St. Johns River to accommodate larger commercial vessels. RS&H developed two animated videos to be used for specific targeted audiences, including the community, local and state government officials, and potential clients. The videos provide an overview of the steps to be taken for the successful deepening of the river and expansion of the JAXPORT terminals, while also emphasizing the strong economic impact to the region through the creation of jobs and new business opportunities.

One unique challenge of the videos involved translating technical information without providing verbal explanation. This approach allows the videos to be understood regardless of the viewer’s language. Coordinating the music with important visual events provided strong emphasis at each of the critical activities that further enhances the viewer’s understanding.

A direct result of the video has been the community’s and elected official’s improved understanding of the ports mission and the benefits of deepening the St. Johns River. RS&H’s leadership in the development and creation of this unique video has allowed JAXPORT to continue to advance this initiative and garner state funding for the project.

The video can be viewed at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcXbUN4HK-Y.