Project Description

Project Details

Description Transportation
Urban & Regional Planning
Environmental Planning
Location Houston, TX
Client/Owner Houston-Galveston Area Council


James W. Hullett

H-GAC Subregional Planning Initiative

The Houston-Galveston Area Council, the regional planning agency and Metropolitan Planning Organization for the region, developed an innovative approach to subregional planning by integrating regional planning goals with those of local governments within the region. RS&H led this first-ever effort for the East Port area of the region. Because of its close proximity to the Port of Houston, one of the nation’s busiest ports, port and freight-related traffic and land use impacts are prevalent in the communities within the East Port area.

The East Port Subregional Plan focused on the assessment of current and expected future transportation and land-use conditions, as well as the development and evaluation of two alternative growth scenarios for 2040. The plan included a prioritized list of mobility improvements, including new and expanded roadway, transit, and hike/bike facilities.

We developed an online “Best Planning Practices” toolbox oriented toward local government officials and citizens, which explains the range of planning tools, regulations, funding, and implementation tools. The tool box also provides approaches that can be used to accomplish the mobility and quality development objectives in the communities.