Gerald R. Ford International Airport

Grand Rapids is a growing business hub nationally and internationally and is a strategic location for major corporations. The Ford International Airport Master Plan focused on a development plan to enhance capacity, expand facilities, and develop airport land. The Master Plan includes airfield, terminal, landside/parking, support facilities, land development, and environmental planning, employing these strategies:

Finding a solution that meets long-term landside demand while also providing a terminal/landside balance was an important element of the Grand Rapids Master Plan. RS&H demonstrated the terminal had capability to expand as needed beyond the 20-year planning horizon. However, existing facilities and terrain made it difficult to expand landside facilities. RS&H recommended that the Airport add a second level to both the terminal and terminal roadways to meet curb demand. Modifying the terminal/roadway concept from horizontal to vertical freed up land north of the terminal building for additional long-term parking capacity.

RS&H team land use development experts conducted a market assessment study of 16 parcels of land available for non-aeronautical development. As a result of this effort, the Airport is in discussion with developers for a variety of projects, including a hotel and gas station to be built in the near-term.

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