FSCJ Kent Campus Success Center

This project was a phased renovation of an outdated, underutilized library space. The project’s intent was to develop a program around a new methodology of teaching and design a space that would truly reflect these new ideals. The project was divided into two distinct phases, which allowed staff to still have access to the library books as needed. Phase 1 was approximately 13,000 square feet and was fast-tracked to be operational for the beginning of the semester.

The space was developed around a series of learning zones and strongly encouraged interaction between the staff and students. Phase 2 of the project was the remaining areas and began approximately one month before Phase 1 was complete. Some key design features of the project are the knowledge bar for group study, the welcome/information desk, and a student and staff graphics area.

RS&H also provided all design and specifications for the new furniture systems and coordination of artwork and graphics.

Project Details

Description Interior Design
Location Jacksonville, FL
Client Florida State College at Jacksonville
Size 32,489 SF


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